Monday, May 23, 2011

The Arrival of Abigail!

**I wrote this but forgot to publish it, hopefully not too many dates are off.**
 It's been 12 days since our little girl Abigail was born!  The day we went to the hospital, May 9th, we hadn't picked out a name yet.  We wanted to see what she would look like, because we had like 5 names on our list.  Months before Michael kept saying that his sisters name is Abigail.  So when she arrived she did look mostly like an Abigail to me so that's what we named her, Abigail Ellen James.  She was born at 7:48am, weighing 7lbs, and being 19 1/2" long.  She is perfect!

The boys instantly loved her, even though they didn't get to hold her until the day we went home which was the 11th.
Abigail's going home outfit.

The boys and their "little sister."
Our first family picture!

Her first little dress, she's so cute!
Daddy and his kiddos!