Tuesday, March 23, 2010

During the month of March...

Wow! Another blog I am posting this week, I am on a roll! (It helps when both boys take a nap at the same time!)  So I was thinking that I should share what we did this month, which was a lot!  
First, we went to Party Hardy in Heyburn, and it was so much fun!  Its like a lot of bounce houses and slides and then in different rooms they have toys that are appropriate with the age your child it.  Its a pretty great, and clean place!

Another highlight this month (well it was actually last month)...CHRIS GOT MICHAEL'S BED DONE!! (just about) It is all put together just the details need to be painted in but Michael loves it! He tells us that Daddy made his bed and ceiling (it is painted with clouds), Opa made his floor (it is a cool road and building floor), and Grandpa made his rocking chair. 

Then earlier this month we went to my parents house and Michael and Chris went to a car show with my dad in Salt Lake.  They had lots of fun and Michael especially love Doc Hudson from the movie Cars.  

And while we were down their we can't forget to mention karaoke night! I don't sing, but Chris, my Dad, and uncle John love to, and it turns out...so does Michael!  When he had the mic he kept singing "Old McDonald had a farm," well, more like shouting it.  Then he stops, trying to think of what else he might sing then he shouts "I GOT MILK!" (Since he had his sippy cup with milk in it.)  Everyone just bursts out laughing and he shouts it a few more times! That silly kid, the things he comes up with sometimes! Ha ha..*sigh*

And a few pics of Jesse, just because he is so dang cute!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

This St. Patrick's day we still had some fun even though the boys were sick with pinkeye and ear infections. For breakfast we had green toast and green milk.  And then later that day we did some crafts, which Michael loves to do.  He made a shamrock mask, and I read a little shamrock poem.  At the bottom of the festivities is a picture of both boys in green attire, they are so cute! And this is Jesse's 1st St. Patrick's Day!