Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Summer, so far...

It's been too long since I last did this, we have been extremely busy doing a lot of fun things! It started with going to see Thomas the Train at the end of May. Both boys loved Thomas and we figured we'd better go to it before they out grow their love for trains.  We all had lots of fun and enjoyed the company of my sister and her family, and my dad!

On the 5th of June Abigail had her baby blessing. It turned out really nice and she was very beautiful!
*Her cute little booties were made by her Grandma James. I love them, so cute!

Here is a 4 generation pic with my Mom and Oma! :)

My Mom and Dad with their 1st and only granddaughter (so far)!

Abigail with her Grandpa James and also their 1st granddaughter (so far)!

Here is Michael giving Abigail her first bottle (June 8th).  She did ok with the first couple of bottles that we have given her but she is starting to not like them when given.  I guess we just need to keep trying.

On the 24th of June Jesse turned 2! Time really does go by so fast, especially with three little ones!  Here are some pics of the party and celebration! 

The same day of Jesse's birthday party we later went to a car show in Twin Falls.  The boys got to see some pretty famous cars, Ramon and Mater. Then afterwards we went for a walk down by the canyon.

Now for the beginning of July the boys went to the Airplane Museum. Then on the 4th we went to a parade down in Utah then we made it back for a concert in the park and fireworks. The boys enjoyed dancing the the music and neither of them were afraid of the fireworks this year!

A few other fun things we've done are crafts, fun times at Harris' pond (including the boys going down the zip-line), playing in sprinklers, movies in the park, more concerts, and now we can take a break for a few days.  Camping is coming up next month and I am excited! We haven't been camping in forever!

And I just had to post a few more of Abigail, she's just too cute!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Arrival of Abigail!

**I wrote this but forgot to publish it, hopefully not too many dates are off.**
 It's been 12 days since our little girl Abigail was born!  The day we went to the hospital, May 9th, we hadn't picked out a name yet.  We wanted to see what she would look like, because we had like 5 names on our list.  Months before Michael kept saying that his sisters name is Abigail.  So when she arrived she did look mostly like an Abigail to me so that's what we named her, Abigail Ellen James.  She was born at 7:48am, weighing 7lbs, and being 19 1/2" long.  She is perfect!

The boys instantly loved her, even though they didn't get to hold her until the day we went home which was the 11th.
Abigail's going home outfit.

The boys and their "little sister."
Our first family picture!

Her first little dress, she's so cute!
Daddy and his kiddos!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lot's o'Green Yesterday!

  Yesterday I had lots of fun with the boys! They looked so cute all dressed up, they were even able to fit in the same shirts from last year! For breakfast they had green pancakes, they thought that was pretty cool.

Then to wash there sticky faces they took a bath and you can't tell but the water was green too (from the colored soap I used)!

Then we went to story time at the library where they read books about St. Patrick's Day and they got to go on a hunt for the leprachauns gold.  Which they found round golden cookies at the end.  
It was such a nice day today too! We loved it, the boys played outside for almost 2 hours total!  And yes, Michael is wearing play-work safety goggles, he's silly!
Then with our dinner last night the boys had green mashed potatoes, Michael made a face and was like "why are my potatoes green?"  Then when we told him he was like, "I want my chicken green too."  We told him that wasn't possible, and thought at the same time that that would be pretty gross!  Ha!  
At the end of the day Michael got to help eat some rainbow cake that he helped make.  Jesse was already in bed, poor kid.  Half the day he had a little fever and was hardly eating anything, he's a little warm today but he is a lot happier. He was very cuddly yesterday though, and I miss that! He doesn't stay too long in one place anymore.

Oh, and I had to add this picture I took last week! Jesse is wearing a kimono from Japan that Chris got from his Uncle Elton when he was there for his mission.  Chris wore these when he was Jesse's age, I need to get a pic of Chris and put them side by side. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ultrasound #2

So yesterday I had a second ultrasound done and everything looks good.  It's still a GIRL! Yay! And she is growing the way she should be!  We took Michael along with us and I think he liked that he could see her and hear her heartbeat.
The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a good picture of her face and in this pic, if you can tell, the right side of her face has the umbilical cord right next to it.  But you can see her eye, nose, and lips. :)

And here is a pic of me at 30 weeks, Michael had to join in the picture.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Final Show

    Here is Michael's final "Out of the Box" performance! He had so much fun, and I think he loved all the attention!!  When we first got there they had a quick little practice and he wasn't showing too much interest in dancing.  But when he saw a few performances before him I think that is what got him excited.  He went on stage and didn't act shy at all....he get's that from his father!  Afterwards on the way to get ice cream I asked him if he had butterflies in his tummy (cause I was, just for him) and he says matter-of-fact like, "no, I didn't eat any butterflies."
Ha, that made us laugh!  Here is his famous moves, enjoy! ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yep, I'm actually posting!

Its been forever since I blogged last so I might just skip ahead to what's going on now.  As you already, most likely, know, we are going to have a baby girl in May!
I'm loving being able to buy girly pink things!!  The only trouble we're having is deciding on a name so we might just have to wait till she arrives.  Michael seems excited to have a little sister and I'm not too sure what Jesse will think.  He likes babies but when I'll have to be holding her besides him, I think he'll have trouble with that.  It'll be fun though...even though I'm not quite sure I'll know what to do with a girl. Only 11 weeks to go!:)
Me at 27 weeks and 2 days (about 6 months).

 So not too much has happened so far this year...
We celebrated Chris' birthday (and yes there should be more candles),

the boys still show brotherly-love,

and Michael has been into a Rockstar phase, which came out of nowhere!  When Chris asked him why a Rockstar he said "because I want to scare people!" Ha, silly kid!
Just this weekend Michael had a dance workshop at a high school for the Dance team and he was loving it!!! He mostly just did his own thing, but it was his first time learning a dance so he did pretty good!  He gets to perform on Wednesday, I'm excited for him!  Here is a video clip of him showing off his moves, enjoy!