Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jesse Crawls!!

At 10 months Jesse finally crawled yesterday! It was last night when Chris got home, Jesse saw a balloon (left over from Michael's birthday) and he started crawling towards it so that's when I hurried and got the camera and tried to tease him again with the balloon so he would crawl again. It was cute! Its exciting that he is crawling now, soon he and Michael will be running around and playing together. Michael will love that!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start up the Tractor and put it in gear...

     Michael's 3rd birthday is here! This was the theme for Michael's birthday and he had lots of fun on his special day.  When he woke up (which he was crying, must've had a bad dream) I asked him if he knew what today was and he was like "oh, got to go down stairs" thinking everyone was going to be here for his party already! We wanted to make his day special so for breakfast, lunch, and dinner time he got to blow out birthday candles and be sang to, I think he liked that a lot!

Most of the day was spent decorating and getting ready for that night when his grandparents, great-grandma Yostie, Aunt Alice, Denim, Nick, Katie and Romairo, Emily, Justin, Stephanie, and Brock all came over.  (We'll be seeing my family this weekend for another little b-day party!) When they all starting coming bearing gifts Michael kept asking "I wonder what's inside?" So that's how we got him to eat some food by telling him he had to eat before he could find out what's inside. When he started opening presents he was so excited he got lots of books, a fishing game, a Toby train (which he loves to carry around with him), a John Deere tin filled with goodies, and from Mommy, Daddy and Jesse he got the Little Einsteins Rocket, a leaf blower to help daddy outside with, a John Deere coloring book, and a Word World bugsby book (for now).  Then after he unwrapped them all he went outside and saw this...

he is SO SPOILED! But it is fun to spoil him! "Thanks Nick, and Gramma and Grandpa!" says Michael.  And thank you for everyone else that came to celebrate Michael's birthday with us!  I am so grateful to have him as part of our family, we have our Heavenly Father to thank for that.  He has such a sweet spirit and is such a great big brother and a wonderful son!  I have such a great family! :)  

Links to a few other video clips if you want to see them:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Got the Easter decorations up!

Michael and I had lots of fun doing some Easter crafts and making a Easter bunny cake, and Jesse had fun watching and eating some cake!

Here we made some easter eggs, Michael started putting the stickers on his head, so I helped.  He was saying that he was a clown!

and made the cake.  Jesse really like the frosting as you can tell!

Can't wait till Eater day, I think Michael will have lots of fun hunting for eggs and it'll be Jesse's 1st Easter!  Can't believe how fast they have grown!!