Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Family Summer Vacation

  A few weeks ago Chris was able to get a week off of work so we went and had some fun.  We decided to go to Utah and do a few things around there: the AFB Museum, the Zoo, the Tree House Museum, Lagoon, and Thanksgiving Point to the Dinosaur Museum and Farm Country. It was lots of fun!
  When we were at the Zoo the funniest thing was when the boys were looking at a baby crocodile,

it snapped at them and Michael got freaked out by it so he pushed Jesse down (since he was standing up against the glass) and Michael was just saying that we had to stay away.  Poor boy, but it was cute cause he was trying to protect us all! :)  At the Zoo we also watched the bird show and that was pretty neat.  The birds would swoop over the audience, and these were mostly big eagles, it was awesome.

Lagoon was also tons of fun, funner than Chris and I thought it'd be!  The boys loved all the fun rides, Chris and I would take tons riding with Michael, and some rides Jesse was able to ride too!
Michael liked basically all the rides,      

Jesse loved the boat ride
and the whale ride.  When the whale ride was over he fussed a little, he didn't want it to be over.
Both boys loved the carousel, 

and the train ride.

Before my mom picked up the boys (so Chris and I could ride a few rides, so nice of her) Michael and I went on the haunted house ride, I told him to make a scarred face to act like we were scared when we were ridding it but I don't think he was pretending!
Chris and I rode a few of the roller coaster rides and walked around and took a picture in about the spot where we met! :)  

and the shark too! Say grrr!
Thanksgiving Point was great, Michael and Jesse loved seeing all the dinosaurs.

They also got to ride some ponies and 
And at Farm Country the boys got to see some animals.  It was cute some little goats came over and were nibbling on the boys' fingers, Jesse just loved it!

they planted, harvested, and sold farm goods!