Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yep, I'm actually posting!

Its been forever since I blogged last so I might just skip ahead to what's going on now.  As you already, most likely, know, we are going to have a baby girl in May!
I'm loving being able to buy girly pink things!!  The only trouble we're having is deciding on a name so we might just have to wait till she arrives.  Michael seems excited to have a little sister and I'm not too sure what Jesse will think.  He likes babies but when I'll have to be holding her besides him, I think he'll have trouble with that.  It'll be fun though...even though I'm not quite sure I'll know what to do with a girl. Only 11 weeks to go!:)
Me at 27 weeks and 2 days (about 6 months).

 So not too much has happened so far this year...
We celebrated Chris' birthday (and yes there should be more candles),

the boys still show brotherly-love,

and Michael has been into a Rockstar phase, which came out of nowhere!  When Chris asked him why a Rockstar he said "because I want to scare people!" Ha, silly kid!
Just this weekend Michael had a dance workshop at a high school for the Dance team and he was loving it!!! He mostly just did his own thing, but it was his first time learning a dance so he did pretty good!  He gets to perform on Wednesday, I'm excited for him!  Here is a video clip of him showing off his moves, enjoy!

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